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“Throughout my career, I've encountered a multitude of challenges that businesses of all sizes consistently face. These challenges range from overwhelmed business owners and incompetent leadership to toxic workplace cultures and employee exploitation. When I decided to start Romy, my primary focus was to build a company that not only embodied my core values but also fostered the power of the human spirit. I place immense value on the passion, determination, brilliance, and boundless potential of individuals. My aim is to provide a platform that offers opportunities for people to improve their lives and showcase their talents. Ultimately, my goal is to create connections between people and the world, driving positive change, and leaving a lasting impact on society.”

Raquel Molina
CEO of Romy Consulting, LLC
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Natalia Kuzminski
Director of Business Development

With a unique blend of Ecuadorian and Polish heritage, Natalia brings a rich background of cultural experiences to our team. Having spent most of her life in Canada and now residing in Ecuador, she truly understands the power of diversity. Equipped with a degree in International Relations and Exterior Commerce, she takes immense pleasure in empowering American businesses and offshore talent to flourish.

Raquel Molina
CEO, Founder

Raquel is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of success leading a woman owned organization in the telecommunication space over the last decade. This experience gave her invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of business growth and talent management. Born into a brave Cuban-American family who fought for a brighter future, Raquel's personal and professional journey guides our commitment and our mission.

Julia Kuzminski
Director of Talent Acquisition

Julia plays a crucial role on our team, engaging with candidates and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their potential. As a well-traveled individual, having lived in Canada, Poland, Belgium, and Ecuador, Julia brings a global perspective to her work. She meticulously examines resumes, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are selected. Julia's expertise in talent acquisition guarantees that we assemble a top-tier team to drive our business forward.

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