Life-Work Balance is at the Heart of Our Priorities

In this space, you’ll find everything you need for the path to your professional growth.
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Paving the Way for Success

Our goal is to provide all the resources for you to thrive and focus on your main objectives with the employer. Life-work balance is at the heart of our priorities, that’s why we hand-picked different key partnerships and activities to pave the way for success.

Our Partner Platforms

Through the DEEL platform, you’ll be able to access information such as your payment, payment methods and contract, everything is automated so that your experience is seamless.

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Weekly10 is the subtle feedback service that enables our natural follow-up system and an overview of how you’re feeling in every stage of your professional experience.

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Need help tracking your hours? Download our preferred tool, Clockify. This tool offers features like time tracking, reporting, and project management to streamline time management and improve efficiency.

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